A dream achieved in bed

I laid on my bed seeking comfort,
I saw myself swimming deeply in the sea,
I started exploring all that is down there,
An artist suddenly appeared from very far,
Drawing a lovely portrait,
Yes… that was my first dream, to become an artist,
Then I went on my way but I got lost,
In the darkness of the deep sea,
Suddenly, my body strongly quaked,
When I saw a shark attacking small fish,
I screamed trying to rescue them, but in vain,
Then the shark left its prey safe,
It’s my country that gets free from the damn occupation,
I then heard some charming sounds from the sea,
The more I get close, the more the sea gets delightful,
What is that? It is the mermaids laughing and singing,
That was also my dream,
To hear Palestinian children playing peacefully and happily,
Ooh! I can’t breathe any more,
I pushed myself up seeking some air,
I went out the sea, but so terrified,
Now I got up to see myself lying on my bed,
I looked out of the window smiling and asking,
Will my dreams become true one day??!



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