A dream of peace

I hope to live as other children do –
I would be happy with living just a quarter of
The fulfilment of other children’s lives,
I want to dance, play and shout,
Like those who are free to breathe life’s soul,
To water the earth with smiles all round,
To light the light with scattered smiles.
We as other children, should have peace,
Are they humans and aren’t I?
We need rights to show us what to do.
Talents as drops of water have been obliterated,
Defeating the colours of everything.
All is turned into blackness,
Children whose dreams have been broken and destroyed.
War everywhere destroys our longings.
No to degradation and to the tears in our eyes.
No to violence, slavery, suppression and oppression.
We are dreaming of peace, forgetting the pain,
And achieving our dreams.

Saja Abdo


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