In the Garden of Dreams Anon, Gaza

I’m a smart butterfly,
Moving among the garden roses,
Living on the moon’s surface,
Admiring my beautiful colours.
I have three friends,
I loved them a lot.
We were playing on the night shore,
When we found an attractive girl – the white dove,
We got to know each other,
Then we went on a tour in the world of dreams,
The dove said, ‘I dream of peace dwelling in all the space.’
I replied, ’Me too. I love living in security, safety and relaxation.’
The star said, ‘My friends! I love freedom and I saw its ray rising every
We talked about our dreams, they were similar.
We agreed to sing, celebrating peace, safety, love and joy.
We still sing happily.
I got an idea… ‘Why don’t we spread safety everywhere?’
But the dove was surprised. She asked, ‘But how? We can’t!!’
I replied, ‘Why not… Hope is there and courage is there.’
We travelled all round the world.
The sun laughed for us.
The freedom gave us its fresh air.
The stars sang for our success.
This is life! If you are scared for a single day, you will lose everything.
Be courageous and draw hope from all that lies in front of you.



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