My Twin Departure

When a black cloud came,
With the sound of a strike and the sparkle of rockets,
It brought body pieces and martyrs.
The sound of prayer is everywhere,
The screams of children raising more and more,
With the trees shaking and the buildings quaking,
I found myself watching the news,
My heartbeat racing and my last breath left,
When I heard a whole family became martyrs…
I stood sadly leaving myself to its nightmares,
With the breaking news that has broken my heart,
I screamed loudly, ‘It’s a girl I know!!’
She was sent to heaven,
My tears were bleeding like a waterfall,
Where all the sweetest memories were written,
I went to my room alone,
Hugged my toy, remembering my childhood.
She took all my sweet dreams,
Changing them to black nightmares.
Although there is a distance between us,
I still love your picture,
I still love your memories.
Farewell my sweetheart.
Good bye and rest in peace,
Wait for me.



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