We need to start a future

We need to start a future where:
Everyone cares,
Everyone shares.

We should run freely like butterflies,
Where no one is there to treat us like slaves,
Where plastic isn’t polluting the waves.

Don’t be scared,
Don’t hold it in.
Let people know the angry volcano you can be,
Make people know we all need to be free.

You are NOT a slave,
You have NO right to be treated in this way,
You are the one,
We are the ones,
Let your fiery braveness out,
Don’t ever give up on yourself,
We believe in you,
I know we can do it,
Together we can change the world,
Together we can save our Mother Earth,
Even if it does not happen straight away,
I am sure it will one day… Some day…
One day people will wake up.
They MUST.



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