A Messgae of Hope by James Franklin

Among the sorrows

Among the cries

Among the missiles

Among those mourning

About those who died

Light will shine above all

Hope will still be there.


To wake in a new place

To find a new hear

Here there is no fear of gunfire or bombs

A place of hope

A place of life

A place where war does not exist


This has been a place of beauty

A place of life

Destruction has not been discovered yet

But this Neverland has gone

Now only hatred and fear ruled

People too scared to go outside

But one day this place will be restored

Restored back to beauty

But that might just be in my head

A wish that might not come true


People will fall

People will be remembered

People will still have fear

But keep hope

Regain your strength

As one day you can be the saviour

The saviour to your own kingdom


We are made to live

We are born to die

But never should anyone die so early

Or be harmed in such a way

To be living in a horror film

Scared of our own future

So let’s stand together

To raise each others pride

And together evil will fall



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