A New World of Peace by Lorna Finnimore

I see your hands

Stretching, reaching for a life without needing hope.

A life where you don’t have to worry,

Where butterflies represent peace not hope?

A butterfly, spread wide and open,

Welcoming the new comers to peace,

When once they welcomed people into hope.

Away from the violence and pain.

In the once happy and joyful places,

I will make so that you don’t have to surrender to reality,

But instead to surrender to peace,

For peace is a bubble of silence and happiness.

That if you’re not careful can be broken,

With the single act of terror.

But together we can work to make the bubble bigger,

Sturdier and permanent,

People from far and wide join together to fight the terror,

And build a wall separating the traumatising past,

And the glorious future.



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