A Trip To The Shops by Lily Taylor

I went to the shops today

to pick up some ingredients for my mum

A man sat outside

a sleeping bag, a mug.

That was all he had.

This man,

this human

lived with two things

to call his own.

I walked past him.


The bell of the shop tinkled

I bought my goods and proceeded to the door

The bell

the man


Guilt, guilt, guilt

Overwhelming guilt,

Mum gave me the exact money

I would need for food.

She said not to spend it

on anything else, but still

I didn’t help him,

didn’t offer him a meal

or even a coffee.

How can I live with myself

knowing I didn’t throw every last penny

in my pocket at him?

How can I live?

But more importantly,

how will he?



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