Black and White by Palane Jr.

Does It matter what I am on the outside?

Or does it matter who I am on the inside?

It’s been 200 years of black or white, white or black.

All that’s ever said is what the other lacks.


What if all this was different ?

What if we got along?

What if we stopped looking on the outside,

And saw each other for who we are.

That is why love isn’t blind,

For it sees through us.

We are all in the same image,

We just see different pictures.

We are all in the same enormous story,

Just read from different angles.


Black is a wasp, unafraid of big or small.

White is a positive sign that you are right.

Black is a beautiful sight for those expecting rain.

White is a waterfall, one of nature’s wonders.


Put together, they’re seen as sorrow.

But I see them as the beauty of tomorrow.

This might be wrong, this might be right,

This is my meaning of BLACK AND WHITE.


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