Author AYANDA CHIKIRIVAU (12 years old)

I am in cloud nine writing to you about myself and my wishes
I am a girl of your age
I have so many wishes,

Wishing to be a jeweller
Wishing I was a tree
Wishing I was a school.

As a jeweller,
I would collect lots of jewellery
Old and new
Redesign it into a marvellous piece.

As a tree,
I would be so useful to people
I would provide oxygen,
I would provide firewood and timber
In the villages, people would depend on me.
As a school,
Children would come and learn
To have a better and brighter future
To learn other foreign languages
Oh how very rewarding.

I wish I could visit your country,
See you for the first time.
Tell you all about myself
Tell you all about my beloved country Zimbabwe.


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