My name is Exoce ilunga and my story is about my lovely mother who used to do everything for me but unfortunately died of an accident.

Life.., life…, life..!!
Full of ups and downs
Joy and tears
Happiness and problems

Life…, Life…, Life!
Everybody is fighting for life
Children and adults
All fighting for life
Sick people in the hospitals
People at work fight for life
I remember my lovely grand father
Fought for life but died
Oh life, .., life!!
Why are you so sweet but too short
My great father fought life but also died
My one and only lovely mother needed life
But unfortunately couldn’t survive the accident

Life… life.., that is life!!
After all those troubles
I thought I would never live peacefully
I thought of fighting a lonely life
I put all the past life behind
And I strongly stood up for better life.

By Exoce ilunga


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