Heaven, come to my rescue! – By Souja(saja) Abdou, Year 9

Heaven, come to my rescue
Rescue a child desperate for water
And the land to yield food
On our land so many are in sleep, but not alive
And children holding on tight to their mothers, wiping away their tears
Who are those!!?
Those seated on the throne of power
Celebrating the blessings of life, with no regard to the wretched
Do they have life in them!?
Is this the religion of the prophets?
What did the infant do to be deprived of the good life
With eyes singing innocence and truthfulness
And a heart as untarnished as the colour of the sky
Oh women have no grief
For all we have to do is beseech
And raise our hands towards heaven
And pray to the heaven raiser to end the misery
And to make us live in joy and brightness
And lyricize about love, life’s luxury and contentment
And indulge in splendid brotherhood.


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