Her Strength

She wore her scars like badges of honour.

She held her head high and refused to lower it for anyone.

She wanted the world to see what she had been through.

She wanted them to see that she had healed,

She had grown and moved on.

She had survived abuse to tell her story.

She moved with elegance and determination in equal measure,

With undeniable style and unshakeable confidence.

The scars left on her seemed to glow with beauty,

The arm that had been broken by violence,

Healed itself, moved with easy grace.

She was the strongest woman, the strongest person,

I have ever known,

And even though she was from the opposite gender,

She became my role model.


I promised her when she grew old and I had grown

To have more sense in my head,

I promised her that even when she wasn’t standing next to me anymore,

Wherever I went,

I would pass on her feminine wisdom.

I promised when I became an adult, I would tell the world

The story of the strongest woman I have ever known.

The story of my aunt.


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