Hope by Rebecca Witts

Your future is filled with fog,

Your present a flower with torn petals,

Yet you have hope,

And it is this,

That has kept you loving life,

Despite its difficulties,

Loving life despite its pain

This hope has stopped you from despair

Given you strength to carry on.


You are alive in love,

You live through the fear,

Though fear may seem your constant companion,

Hope will be your best friend,

Through challenges you face,


I now promise you, my friend,

That though life may seem tough,

Good times are coming.

Happiness through the sorrow,

Light through the darkness,

Life through the pain.


Life will get better,

The pain will end,

The darkness will clear,

The war will cease,

You will continue to defy death,

You will know joy,

Because you loved life despite the hard times


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