Imaginary Paintings after Lisel Meueller by Aubrey

1. How I would paint anger

Anger is a wolf in the shadows
staying back in the trees
ready to attack its prey

2. How I would paint the world

The world is a dot of paint
on a canvas so dark and large
that you can barely see it

3. How I would paint happiness

Happiness is a golden sea
with splashing waves
and waters as endless as the horizon

4. How I would paint the sun

The sun’s rays are as long as a lion’s tail
and it’s light is as deep as the ocean

5. How I would paint glory

Glory is a cat
leaping so high
it could touch the sun
or the stars in the night sky

6. How I would paint hope

Hope is a dog
lingering near, not far
It’s there in the morning, the night, and day
So find it
So you and me can have hope
once again


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