Imagine Pain by Tinashe Simudzirayi

I take two steps a day just to walk away from these voices,

One more step away, to map out the atlas of this noise.

You see the pain in my left pocket is toxic,

And your wallet of advice can easily be burnt.

The world’s unfathomable words keep ringing in my ears.

I try to turn it off, try to cover myself with sheets of bad memories,

I try, honestly, I try to wake myself up,

But these voices are stubborn, rude, unbearable to the nurturing of feelings

And they insist – please don’t wake him up –

And I understand.


I take two steps a day just to shutdown everything,

And one more step to justify my punitive reasoning.

I walk in defiance of my ambitions, but I’m just a sad soul.

I endeavour pieces of smiles, but they are diluted by the densest of clouds,

And still I believe, I believe that stars make the darkest nights beautiful,

And the dullest of skies make the rains fall,

I believe that tears made Cinderella smile later,

And lions with the distaste of hunger can’t feed on bushes,

So I’m left to wonder, who am I to ponder

In this desiccated waterfall of savage drought.


I take two steps a day just to imagine this pain

And another step closer to erase it in my brain

But I still wonder

When is this going to end?


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