It Is Said by Miryam Boulad

Truths are disappointing sometimes,

The state that everything is limitless in the dreams, everyone is perfect, love is eternal and happiness is forever.


Our childhood stories tell us a lot of beautiful statements and tales but also tell us about all the fears that we will live in the future one after the other.


The stories tell that fraudsters stole you’re belongings and money, and that spoiled princesses do not like the current world they are born into.


Where am I in this story?

Am I a sleeping princess waking up after a hundred years with a kiss? Or a bad queen?


Am I a girl who lost her shoe? Or an evil witch?


Who am I?


I do not care who I am in these stories because I will make myself a hero in my own story, and it will be told for generations to come.

My confidence is high in my dreams and self, I will make a strong happy girl out of my self.


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