Mother May I by Tayonga Makamure

The scars run deep in the city of men,

As everyday, they strangle her, silently;

In an effort to escape, in her last dying breaths,

Mother Nature explodes and her expansion begins.


Her efforts are futile, in vain,

The stainless steel slits her roots,

The cranes break her open and leave her bare.

The wind strips her of her covers,

Her expansion has become her annihilation,

And the explosion has her imploding.


As a new Iron Age emerges,

Remnants of a once beautiful life still flourish.

At the heart of the city,

The sun shines through tinted windows.

A girl watches over Mother Nature’s heart,

As the river currents renew life, bringing hope,

Awakening something ancient and old,

And high in the skyscrapers,

Nature and Mankind become one


Tavonga Makamure


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