Moving Forward by Walter Otis Tapfumaneyi

I really love the spotlight.

I enjoy being the moon to your darkest night.

I like to show up when your world isn’t right,

Be the answer to your never-ending questions.


All the time I have to be the best, most loved, most praised,

Have to capture the whole worlds gaze,

It’s a want, it’s a need, sometimes I feel like it’s a disease,

And I’m pretty sure I’m in need of a cure,

But hey, who cares, according to the world, I am perfect, I am pure!


And so, I continue to live in my sitcom of a life,

Where I am the main character.

The theme song plays, as always,

But there’s something different about it –

More upbeat than usual…

And that instrument wasn’t there before…

What is going on?


And there she goes, the new kid on the block.

Who is she?

Where did she come from?

And why is she stealing my thunder?

Why does she put them in a trance, I wonder?

Why does she make me feel so insecure?


The tide has shifted, she cannot be resisted,

Life was better when I didn’t know she existed.

She is on top now, the new queen bee,

And everyone’s forgotten about little old me.


And just as I thought my life would cease,

I experience something new – I believe they call it peace.


I realise that life is a race and I am the only contestant,

There’s no one to chase, no one to beat,

No one can live your life except you.

I thought losing my spotlight would be the end of it all –

I found losing it made me see the real light,

Shift my focus to perceive it’s not about the people or the fame,

Life is not an endless game.

So I thank her for what she unconsciously made me see

I am now on a new path to find the real me.


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