My Dream by Jacquot age 9

I’d like to play in the football World Cup,
For France football team, who are the best.
Up front as striker, wearing number seven,
I’d like to captain France and lead them to the finals.
Up against England, we’d win 2 – 1 with a last minute
Winner scored by me.
Then after that we’d celebrate for years
And years and years and years.
And the team would be happy
And all would start to cheer.

Then I’d be signed by Oxford United
And lead them to the Premier League.
I’d be signed from Luton for a 95million
Transfer – that’s how I’d get to Oxford.
Then I’d break Lionel Messi’s record
Of 91 goals in a year – me scoring 98 –
And then Barcelona would sign me.
After I’d won Oxford the treble
They’d sign me for 202.5million euros.
I ‘d leave Barcelona after winning
The Balandor 8 times, twice at Oxford
And six times for Barcelona


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