My Journey to Uganda

My name is Eunice Ikanga, my story is about my journey from Congo to Uganda.

I am just a young girl
A girl of 14 years old
Born in the village
Deep in Democratic republic of Congo
My childhood has been characterized by sorrowful moments
Born of a father, a father never seen all my life
Born in a country of wars, where God seems not to exist.
Where tears replace the drinking water
Where a cluster of problems know my name
Wishing to die but making no sense

I am a young girl who desires to know my Father
To enjoy his love like my other friends do
Unfortunately, I am the result of war
And do not know my father
Questioning my self day and night
Was my father a soldier, a Politician, a Christian or a thief???!
Only God knows. God lift me up; help me regain hope for a better future.
Give me strength and courage to make wonders

By Eunice, 14 years old


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