Portrait Of A Young Girl by Devante Britten

Right now, I feel so weak,

I know I sometimes act like a freak,


But that’s not me.

No one knows me,

No one knows the real me.


I’m just a little fool,

That still goes to school.

I’m just a simple girl,

Like all the other girls,

With long hair in golden curls,


With plain hazel eyes, that tell no lies,

With outer calm face and inner loud cries,

With non-stop gloomy tears,

With a mind full of bitter fears,

With a forlorn broken heart,

My fellow sorrow from which I can never part,

With sleepless scary nights,

Dark, with no beam of light.


Weak.. Weak

Like an angel with no wings,

Like a bird that can not sing.


No one knows me,

I always smile in glee, no matter how much pain I feel,

The sadness in my eyes, I always try not to reveal.


No one knows me,

I might be laughing at the moment,

But in a while, I’ll be again feeling this torment.


Weak.. Weak

No one knows me,

No one knows me.


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