Self-Portrait by Mia

I am from Dulwich,

I am from Sri Lanka,

I am from Brixton,

I am from Hull.

I was born on the 5th,

I was born in July,

I was born in 2005,

I was born by the river,

I was born in St. Thomas’s hospital,

I was born into this world.

My family is complicated,

My family is amazing,

My family is loving,

My family is me!

My family is very big.

Home is full of love,

Home is small,

Home is comforting,

Home is like no other place.

I remember changing schools,

I remember eating cat food,

I remember laughing,

I remember crying,

I remember you.

I get in trouble for not a lot,

I get in trouble for laughing,

I get in trouble, like I said, for not a lot.

Life is busy,

Life is big,

Life is great,

My favourite person is me,

My favourite cat is Miso,

My favourite actor is LDC (Leo)

My favourite LDC and KW partner is Zarah,

My favourite mum is my mum,

My favourite dad is my dad.

I love you,

I love many things,

I love LDC,

I love my grandpa,

I love my cat,

I love my parents,

I love my life,

I love a lot of things,

I love you.

My name is Mia,

My name is Mia Wickremasinghe,

My name is Mia Free Wickremasinghe

My name is Mia (google me!)


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