The Powers of Peace (song)

A song, inspired by the poem The Flowers of Peace by Saja Abdou


From the rose garden in my heart,  I picked the flowers of peace

With their essence I write this letter, seeking safety

From the balcony I send it to the moon with love

So the drums of life, roll in my heart and the dark nights fade into the past

And peace sits on the throne and rules the universe


From the library in my soul, I read a book of hope

with the knowledge gained, I wrote this song of harmony

From the fire side I sing it, watching embers soar

Each tiny spark, a little light, to make another dark sky bright

Blazing songs like stars across the universe


I can’t lie again

in my heart i found a friend

i found a place deep inside

where I don’t have to hide

where nothing seems wrong

and the garden, sky or river

holds my song


From the island in my mind I swim in the cool water

The lapping waves just wash away my worries

when I’m swimming there, nothing can hurt me

cos home is anywhere i name, and hope and home are just the same

and love is like the deep sea of the universe.



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