This is our reality indeed

by Batoul al Skefi

Age 11 – 14

When one of us ties stones to his stomach
And when he can’t remember the last time he felt full,
When our own children, marginalised, die on the streets,
When inhuman poverty destroys our positive energy,
When they take our lives without the slightest feeling of guilt,
When our dreams of travelling are restricted by what they call a crossing,
When you lose the last hope of escaping,
When there is no glimmer of hope on the horizon,
When the souls race to their Creator,

Even then we keep strong and feel proud
Even then you can still see a smile on our faces
With patience, we imagine being free and safe
Patience is the key to relief, they say
There the justice of heaven beautifully manifests itself
This is our reality indeed.


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