Tree In A Storm by Palane Jr.


At first I was nothing,

But a mustard seed.

The smallest thing,

Can do the greatest deeds.

I had a faith no one could shake,

A will no one could break,

A character no other could fake.


Into a mighty tree, I did grow,

Never hindered, when the wind would blow.

I was a fortress for all, big and small.

No tumbleweed leaf, thrown from south to north,

I stood firm in the thunderous storm.


From left to right, like a kite,

The tempest tried to test me.

I was losing leaves,

Bird nests were falling.

Then came the dawn of light,

It was finally morning!

I had survived the darkest night,

While the rest were left mourning.


My leaves grew back,

Birds were once again chirping.

I was nature’s wonder,

For which is worth searching.


I watch as time goes on,

Remembering the mustard seed

From which I came from.


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