Wait Abla by Jasmine Shaw

I am a child,

And I pray for love and peace,

For the miracle of a loving world,

A world of a united army,

A world of a caring family,

Yet, my prayers are unanswered,

Death and destruction,

Power and prejudice remains,

While children cry out the light,

Hidden in the dark,

But i assure you there is hope,

Amidst the fog and the ashes,

Waiting, waiting, waiting,

You are tortured, persecuted and killed.

While others are praised, fed and cared for,

I assure you the flower will bloom,

The flower of hope and peace,

Wait Abla, just hold on,

To the minuscule thread of hope,

That barely holds this world together,

We are beautiful, powerful and privileged,

Yet we are broken, weak and afraid,

Wait with me Abla,

Just wait.


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