What Is Life? by Henry Wheeler

What is life?

Is it being with family?

Is it safety to protect you at your most vulnerable moment?

Is it happiness to gush you off your feet?

Is it love to carry you through your darkest moment?

Is it kindness to make people feel alive once more?

Is it dreams to only look into the future wishing to be significant in the world?

Or is peace, peace to live, love and talk in peace?

But, for children living in Palestine life in only pain, fear and destruction,

And their only hope is to live the next day,

Praying, believing, hoping for peace for a minute,

But every time they hope their belief dims like a light running out of power,

But hang on because one day dreams shall fall onto you with a beam of light shining down with hope, kindness, love, happiness and peace shall fill your life once more and forever,

But you just have to hang on.


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