Who I Am by Lucid African

All this time I’ve wasted,

Seconds and minutes that turned into hours.

All these emotions, all the attention,

Not forgetting the focus and drive,

Wasted on conditional people.

All in all, I’ve wasted Time.


All my attributes copied and pasted,

I never was myself,

Too busy claiming that all was mine.

Blinded by the pleasures of this Earth, I became a cripple

Believing faith was something I could archive,

Until, finally, I got to questioning,

Whether really I was worth His Time.


See, devotion did not dawn on me,

My faith daggered its way to the surface.

A dried up nation in drought,

I was replenished by His presence,

Beyond dimensions when he called me near –

“Dear child, you are worthy of my embrace”

No amount of vocabulary could sum up the ecstasy He brought

I did not witness His presence,

I became His essence.


I sat and wrote

And here I am still writing

Writing in an effort to express my thoughts

Writing in an effort to knock down barriers

Writing in an effort to understand

Who I Am

No G O A T – “Greatest Of All Time”

I am Christ’s Ambassador and fighting,

My soul could never be bought,

With The Lord as it’s owner and my body as it’s carrier,

My Life, a dedication to the Great, I Am.


So now, when asked what I live for at present

I simply answer, ‘I live for Christ’

Easy to say but never easy to do,

Yet I am in His Image, nothing Is Impossible,

And never will be, with the Lamb,

Omnipresent, never forsaking,

So why should I be Absent?

Lukewarm Christianity,

It’s the all time biggest Heist.

So it’s my time to man up and pop the latch.

I’m sorry, society, but it was my freedom

Or a lifetime’s imprisonment with you.

And although many will call me gullible,

I am not affected,

“He who is in Me, is greater than he that is in the World “

My soul is set ablaze Eternally,

I Am who I Am.


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