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Poems 2018


Author: Maria Julia Age: 12 Each silence is unique Silence is absolute Silence brings peacefulness In the background is the sound of water and children Close by, I hear the sound of the plants and… Read More »Silence


Author: Gustavo Age: 12 years old Sometimes I am afraid, I feel insecure, I don’t know what is going to happen. The future is a mystery; Will it hold good things or bad things? I… Read More »Fear


Author: HELOYSA, Age: 12 Let our dreams be Better than our fears. Some people will love you for who you are And others will hate you for the same reason. Be happy even when everything… Read More »Untitled

My Brother

Author: ISADORA, Age: 12 Sometimes my I and my brother fight, We tease each other. On some days I reach a point Where I wish he was not in my life. But I know that… Read More »My Brother

A Child’s Place

Authors: ISADORA and BEATRIZ Age: 12 A child’s place is not to be carrying goods, Never playing with friends. A child’s place is not in bagging and packing up But rather in a schoolroom. A… Read More »A Child’s Place

Everything will pass

Author: Beatriz Age: 12 All things pass: Not every plant is a flower; Sometimes a cactus grows, But relax – The cactus also flowers.


Author: Moura Age: 12 Silence speaks loudly: Darkness of life, Peace, Pain, Suffering, Shame, All this is silence. Sometimes it is necessary, At other times unbearable: Silence.

Our universe

Author: ISABELA SAKOMURA BORGES, Age 12 years In the world where we live There are different realities, Different lives; Everything is interwoven. A complex and beautiful frame Where several artists have contributed, Each in their… Read More »Our universe

We want a world

Location: Ideal Kindergarten School, Bangladesh Author Bani Alter We want a world Where we can have a mother’s love. We want a world Where we can have sweet dreams. We want a world Where trust… Read More »We want a world

The world we want

Author: Hosein Romana Location : Ideal Kindergarten, Korail Slum, Dhakar We want the kind of world Where there is no oppression and no fighting, Where everyone helps each other And where nobody is ignored. We… Read More »The world we want