Poems 2018

Our dreams will never die

Written by young people at Island Hospice Zimbabwe aged 12 – 14 Living under the heat of the same sun, Raised under different circumstances Having encountered multiple losses, Accidents, illnesses, and violence. Expressing the same… Read More »Our dreams will never die

My Family

Author TARIRO MAKWETSE (12 years old) Dear you, I write to tell you about my family Who live in a country called Zimbabwe In the capital city called Harare In a location called Mabvuku. Dear… Read More »My Family

We want a world

Location: Ideal Kindergarten School, Bangladesh Author Bani Alter We want a world Where we can have a mother’s love. We want a world Where we can have sweet dreams. We want a world Where trust… Read More »We want a world

Hope and Dreams

By Lex Goddard You’ve seen the worst Witnessed murder and loss But you never gave up Let no one be your boss. You still have dreams, Things you want to do Hope is your shield… Read More »Hope and Dreams