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Poems 2019

Stupidity by Taris Daly

Stupidity is swimming in a tornado Stupidity is wearing flip flops on a mountain Stupidity has hair like Doritos Heatwaves Stupidity calls his car a Lamborghini but it is a rusty banger Stupidity swims in… Read More »Stupidity by Taris Daly

Fear is… by Elsie Bright

A tiny, scared girl, Who hides whenever shadows loom. Sneaks through alleyways not to be seen, Sits alone away from you and me, And doesn’t trust anyone.

Fear Is… by Elsie Bright

a tiny scared girl who hides whenever shadows loom sneaks through alley-ways not to be seen, sits alone away from you and me and doesn’t trust anyone.

Fear by Toby

Fear is your first time going to school Fear is a nightmare Fear is in a dark alley Fear is in a shop by yourself Fear is doing something for the first time Fear is… Read More »Fear by Toby

Dear You by Daisy

We live thousands of miles apart Yet we share the same earth, same ocean, same moon, same sun.   We both have anger, the writhing hatred inside our bones   We both see trees, their… Read More »Dear You by Daisy