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Poems 2019

Dear You by Joshka

  I wonder if your mornings are like mine a boiled egg and butter soldiers cars zooming by looking at the sky thinking why time can’t go by.   After school is a blast play… Read More »Dear You by Joshka

Death Is…by Penelope Chanter

a black hole a bloody knife a wilting rose a murder mystery a blood red sky on the darkest night  

If I Ruled The World by Daniel

I would ban smoking I would ban Nutella I would end starvation I would give poor a home and food I would make littering illegal I would make Monday funday where we do no learning

Dear You by Mila

Even though you live on the other side, we share a lot. We share feelings and emotions. When our tears drop to the dusty ground splashing quietly. We share happiness when our smiles are so… Read More »Dear You by Mila

Loneliness by Jules

Loneliness was a sad little creeper who lived in a grey rock cave covered up with rocks. He usually never leaves the house. The only two things he likes is sleeping and going on an… Read More »Loneliness by Jules

Boris by Daniel Boehler-Jeffreys

My friend Boris funny laugher sleeping lion player   My friend Boris sand cake baker bike buddy   My friend Boris ‘you’re it’ chaser fun house builder