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Poems 2019

Fun by Reuben

Fun is a man, bright as the sky, He is big and shiny and fast. Fun is funny and happy. Fun is a person who surfs and skates. Fun’s voice is dark and deep And… Read More »Fun by Reuben

Fear is… by Seran

A thin little seven year old spirits Wearing a knee long grey dress With short mouse brown hair in a side parting with one clip in And big brown eyes Who hides under the covers… Read More »Fear is… by Seran

Stupidity by Taris Daly

Stupidity is swimming in a tornado Stupidity is wearing flip flops on a mountain Stupidity has hair like Doritos Heatwaves Stupidity calls his car a Lamborghini but it is a rusty banger Stupidity swims in… Read More »Stupidity by Taris Daly

Fear is… by Elsie Bright

A tiny, scared girl, Who hides whenever shadows loom. Sneaks through alleyways not to be seen, Sits alone away from you and me, And doesn’t trust anyone.