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Prince Edward Secondary School, Harare

Prince Edward Secondary School, Harare is large boys secondary school based in the capital of Zimbabwe. The workshops have been led by the English Literature teacher, Loice Majongwe.

Island Hospice, Harare

Island Hospice and Healthcare (Island) has been partnering for many years with the Zimbabwe Government and communities to provide psychosocial support for children who have lost either one or both parents.The HIV/AIDS pandemic has also resulted in some children taking up the responsibility of caring for ill parents or relatives at home and this in turn prevents them from fully experiencing and enjoying their childhood. Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Zimbabwe experience grief which is compounded by poverty, limited access to resources, services, education, and at times neglect by guardians.


Island programmes for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The programmes designed for young carers and bereaved children are aimed at promoting loss adjustment, coping and resilience which should in turn result in reduced vulnerabilities.

The Dare to Dream a Difference workshop was aimed at acknowledging and working with the children’s challenges by providing a supportive environment for the children to express their feelings and to share experiences. The children came together and through play, drawings, poetry, letter writing and discussion were able to open up, share their experiences and to express their feelings.

Island continues to conduct psychosocial support activities for vulnerable children in their community, understanding that these programmes need to be an ongoing process towards healing.