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Poems 2017

Let them in

Let them in, Let them in, So you can see their faces, Their smiles are fading because of their hard phases, We can change the world. It’s all up to us, If you dare to… Read More »Let them in


Everyone is littering, It needs to stop! Plastic wrappers that everyone’s dropped, We don’t need you, Yes, we don’t need you. When the litter has gone, We can run and play, Our work is done,… Read More »Litter


No more guns, No more knives, No more war, Stop it now. Terrorists, why do you kill? No more hurting us, You’re just a waste of time! Just stop, please! We don’t want death, We… Read More »Peace

Stop the War!

War, war, stop the war, Stop the war! Stop harming, stop killing, Peace, peace, make the peace, Sign the treaty, make new friends. Death, Death, why do you kill? No one cares for you, no… Read More »Stop the War!

Ohi! Ohi Ohi!

Ohi! Ohi Ohi! Stop chopping down the trees, They give us precious oxygen, And help the precious bees. Stop chopping down the trees, The animals lose their habitats, Because you’re chopping down the trees! Stop… Read More »Ohi! Ohi Ohi!