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Our Partnerships



We formed a partnership with Prep B Secondary School, a girls secondary school based in Gaza City, Gaza.  The partnership is led by Rania El Sawalhee, a teacher at the school.  



We formed a partnership with Al Farah Choir of Joy in 2018.   The choir is based in Damascus and led by Father Elias.  It  is an intergenerational choir of 200 people.  We work with a small group of students from the choir aged 11 – 15


South Africa

Sunflower Children’s Hospice is a non-profit organisation that provides care and compassion for all children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions.



Bondeko Refugee Settlement, Kampala

Bondeko Refugee Livelihoods Center (Bondeko Center), is a nationally-registered, refugee-led organization founded by refugees in 1997 to support those fleeing violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).



Chadlington Primary School 

Chadlington Primary School is a small village primary school in the heart of West Oxfordshire.  It is set in the Evenlode valley and is on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina


The Charter School, South London

London-based poet Francesca Beard worked with creative writing group Storyverse and librarian Jane Watkins as well as the Year 9  English nurture group and teacher Laura Bradley at The Charter School North Dulwich



The Cotswold School, Bourton on the Water

We have a longstanding partnership with The Cotswold School, a founding member of the Dream a Difference project. 



Oxfordshire Hospital Schools

The Oxfordshire Hospital School (OHS) is an Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) maintained Hospital School based across a number of settings throughout the county of Oxfordshire.



In America we formed a partnership Nevada County Arts Council on the Western Slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.



Prince Edward Secondary School, Harare

Prince Edward Secondary School, Harare is a large boys secondary school based in the capital of Zimbabwe. The workshops have been led by the English Literature teacher, Loice Majongwe.



Island Hospice, Harare

Island Hospice and Healthcare (Island) has been partnering for many years with the Zimbabwe Government and communities to provide psychosocial support for children who have lost either one or both parents.

New partnerships in 2021


Jaago Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh
We are forging a new partnership with The Jaago Foundation, Dhaka
The Jaago Foundation is designed and built upon the latest ICT-based digital schooling system, a pool of highly skilled / qualified and professionally-groomed teachers, their in-house research-led modern, creative curriculum and digitized contents.


Merimna, Greece

“Merimna” is the only organization in Greece that provides bereavement support to children and adolescents who are grieving the loss of a loved person, as well as palliative home care services to children and adolescents who live with a life-threatening illness.


Melissa Network, Greece

Melissa is a network for migrant and refugee women living in Greece. It aims to promote empowerment and active citizenship, to create and sustain bonds, and to build a bridge of communication with the host society.