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My Grandad by Elsie Bright

A loving, hugging machine, A crazy clever clogs, A thoughtful, silly figure, He made lovely mac and cheese.  

Who Here by Daniel

Who here likes your mum more than your dad? Who here hates your little sister? Who here likes your big brother? Who here loves it when your grandma gives you a hug? Who here likes… Read More »Who Here by Daniel

Her Strength

She wore her scars like badges of honour. She held her head high and refused to lower it for anyone. She wanted the world to see what she had been through. She wanted them to… Read More »Her Strength


Author: ISABELA SAKOMURA BORGES, Age: 12 I am on a trail Trying to track the best path Where I might find Some shelter, love, and warmth. Sometimes I find myself surrounded by darkness In an… Read More »Life

My Brother

Author: ISADORA, Age: 12 Sometimes my I and my brother fight, We tease each other. On some days I reach a point Where I wish he was not in my life. But I know that… Read More »My Brother

My Family

Author TARIRO MAKWETSE (12 years old) Dear you, I write to tell you about my family Who live in a country called Zimbabwe In the capital city called Harare In a location called Mabvuku. Dear… Read More »My Family