My Dream

My Dream by Liam

My dream is to take my camera to more places than England, Like the great Mount Fuji and Mount Everest, To other countries like France, Germany and Japan, To see the world from the lense… Read More »My Dream by Liam

My Dream by Jack

When I am older I want to become an explorer and I will go to different countries and find new things and see amazing views and find out how other countries’ climates affect the peoples… Read More »My Dream by Jack

My Dream by Sandy, age 9

I’d like to play cricket for the England first team, Slogging sixes over the bowler’s head; Winning the Ashes against Australia, breaking all the records. Lifting the Cricket world cup by one run: Celebrating with… Read More »My Dream by Sandy, age 9

My Dream by Tom, age 10

I have a dream that one day I’ll be a professional athlete. Having the excitement of going to the Olympics and the enjoyment of throwing javelins, The thrills of holding medals and cycling on pedals,… Read More »My Dream by Tom, age 10

My Dream by Sam

Monitors, computers, printers, copies All in IT My deepest wish, my dearest ambition, Is to work in IT. Monitors that won’t turn on, Computers that overheat, Printers that won’t print a thing Copiers that jam.… Read More »My Dream by Sam