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The rose garden

by Nada Anan Age 11 – 14 Roses fond of peace You inhale love and serenity from their scent Fear and fright leave the children’s hearts at their sight, So that their faces radiates peace.

A poem to Anna

by Nesma Shabet Age 11 – 14 Hope, my darling, is that knight who waves his sword ‏In the face of sadness, despair, hunger and siege, ‏Hope is the doctor who cures our bleeding wounds… Read More »A poem to Anna

Bitter Poverty

By Israa Al Banna ‏Age 11 – 14 What a villain who enters our lives without permission! ‏He deprives us of everything and leaves us with nothing, begging in the streets. ‏He leaves us with… Read More »Bitter Poverty

The flowers of peace

 by Saja Abdou Age 11 – 14 From the rose garden in my heart I picked the flowers of peace, With their essence I write this letter seeking safety. And from my balcony I send… Read More »The flowers of peace

Just a Dream

by Rana Fayouma Age 11 – 14 I am wandering from one place to another I am travelling from one country to another, I am strolling around, I am enjoying a job like no other… Read More »Just a Dream