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We will show the world

We will show the world,
Who we really are,
Stand up together,
We’ve come so far.

We didn’t get a vote till 1928,
Up until then we had to wait,
Women do chores and men go to work,
Says a stereotypical jerk.


Although life seems sweet in 2017,
In other countries, we’re treated badly,
Women are used as weapons of war,
We don’t see that outside our door.


In the future I imagine a world clean of disease,
Where women don’t kneel at men’s knees,
We are all equal, live in harmony,
Not just you and me, but all over the world,
We respect each other’s feelings, live for each other’s rights,
Understand each other’s problems instead of fights,
The quicker we act, the less long to wait,
So why don’t me and you start today?