Poems 2017

Hey, you, Illness

Hey, you, Illness, Why can’t you just be kind and go away, You stab us in the back, You’re crooked, you’re old and haggard like a witch, For once, can we just stab you in… Read More »Hey, you, Illness


About the journey of life. I walk in the sea of my life to get to the island I wanted. Rocks were disturbing me, however I passed them and walked to arrive at the island,… Read More »Reflections

Shaking at a disco

Shaking at a disco, Moving like a fish-o, Giving out a stench-o, Eating like a bingo, With a curly wig-o, Hopping like a king-o, Floating like an apple-o, Ducking like a minnow, Does it sound… Read More »Shaking at a disco

Is the world insane?

What’s wrong with the world? Why is there poverty, death and inequality? It’s so unfair! Why are some people better than others? Why are people so poor they can’t eat? And, overall, why is there… Read More »Is the world insane?