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Poems 2017

Dream of a difference

The lion prowls the savanna with friends or alone, The lion, proud of his reflection in the clear water springs that he owns, The lion depends on no one but works with friends helping each… Read More »Dream of a difference


The difficulty of the differences, Girls and boys in sports, They wear shorts while we wear skorts, How can that be right? Men are paid more in the workplace, The ideas aren’t changing at the… Read More »Poem

I’m shot down

CHORUS I’m shot down, I’m on the ground, What is going on, I thought this war was won. VERSE ONE Screaming, shouting, When will it end, Think of all the people, The lives that came… Read More »I’m shot down

Is the world insane?

What’s wrong with the world? Why is there poverty, death and inequality? It’s so unfair! Why are some people better than others? Why are people so poor they can’t eat? And, overall, why is there… Read More »Is the world insane?

Hey, you, Illness

Hey, you, Illness, Why can’t you just be kind and go away, You stab us in the back, You’re crooked, you’re old and haggard like a witch, For once, can we just stab you in… Read More »Hey, you, Illness