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Poems 2017

Death is here

‘He is here, He has reached us,’ I shout, ‘Hide your children and babies, Here Death, come on boy,’ I say, Misusing him like my dog, ‘You’re dirty and conjuring, vile and strong, come here… Read More »Death is here


I remember her smile, The gaps in her teeth, The way her eyes were squinty when she smiled. When it was sing song time, She never stopped smiling. Even though she isn’t here now, She… Read More »untitled

Poem to Zimbabwe

Hey you, Illness! Pick a fight with me and be gone! ‘You can’t see me, you can’t touch me,’ says Illness. I can still fight you. You may be invisible, impossible to touch, Illness. But… Read More »Poem to Zimbabwe


Illness, An inevitability in this short life, A dark fog travelling our lives, leaving behind cold, To avoid it you must duck down far below, But by doing so, You miss the gift that is… Read More »Illness


Grandad, he’s here I guess… technically. But his identity is lost, never to be found. Not only, Illness, have you stripped him of his identity; but mine too. I am now my aunty, my aunty… Read More »Illness

Shaking at a disco

Shaking at a disco, Moving like a fish-o, Giving out a stench-o, Eating like a bingo, With a curly wig-o, Hopping like a king-o, Floating like an apple-o, Ducking like a minnow, Does it sound… Read More »Shaking at a disco


About the journey of life. I walk in the sea of my life to get to the island I wanted. Rocks were disturbing me, however I passed them and walked to arrive at the island,… Read More »Reflections