Author:Lamia Akter Age: 12 Oh my country’s farmers, Why are they low-spirited? Are our farmers deprived? Who blows the whistle from behind! We depend upon them so that we are able to Meet our basic… Read More »Low-spirited

We All

Author Lamia Akter Age: 12 The Pakistani invading forces Took away uncounted lives Took away the voices Took away our songs. Bangla is my voice Bangladesh is my heart So we made a promise To… Read More »We All

Women’s Right

Author: Afsana Akter Age: 13 On this earth we have Womankind Who are deprived of their rights They are neglected, deceived. Let us all promise together To bring rights for women forever.

Male-female Equality

Author: Sojib Hossain Age: 14 In our country we really don’t have justice So we need male-female combined practice See men triumph in most of the cases Women lag behind , accepting disgrace; Boys work… Read More »Male-female Equality

We want a world

Location: Ideal Kindergarten School, Bangladesh Author Bani Alter We want a world Where we can have a mother’s love. We want a world Where we can have sweet dreams. We want a world Where trust… Read More »We want a world

The world we want

Author: Hosein Romana Location : Ideal Kindergarten, Korail Slum, Dhakar We want the kind of world Where there is no oppression and no fighting, Where everyone helps each other And where nobody is ignored. We… Read More »The world we want