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Tree of Life

Author: Sourov Mia Age 11 Our environment could be so beautiful If we could only plant more trees. The tree is a familiar friend; Its blossom and its oxygen Nurturing our lives! Birds sing sweetly… Read More »Tree of Life

Environment Pollution

Author: Shorna Akter Age 12 Dirt and rubbish filling up Our loving land; Rivers-canals getting polluted Are harming our environment. Inhabited homes, streets and roads We shall keep always clean; In this way we can… Read More »Environment Pollution

My Dream Land

Author: Samia Age 10 If this country could be Like my dreamland, Where all the people are smiling And have forgotten violence. I wish this country were a place of peace, Where our only experience… Read More »My Dream Land


Author: Forhad Islam Fahad Age: 13 In this beautiful world The real builders Do not get our full appreciation. All the beautiful structures and things around us, The labourers who built upon this ground, Why… Read More »Labourer