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My Dream Land

Author: Samia Age 10 If this country could be Like my dreamland, Where all the people are smiling And have forgotten violence. I wish this country were a place of peace, Where our only experience… Read More »My Dream Land

The Night

Author: IZABELA SAKOMURA BORGES Age 12 Looking upwards I see brightness in the distance Lighting the whole dark night sky, Carrying hope for a future Full of mystery and strangeness, Where we deposit all our… Read More »The Night

We want a world

Location: Ideal Kindergarten School, Bangladesh Author Bani Alter We want a world Where we can have a mother’s love. We want a world Where we can have sweet dreams. We want a world Where trust… Read More »We want a world

The world we want

Author: Hosein Romana Location : Ideal Kindergarten, Korail Slum, Dhakar We want the kind of world Where there is no oppression and no fighting, Where everyone helps each other And where nobody is ignored. We… Read More »The world we want

Our dreams will never die

Written by young people at Island Hospice Zimbabwe aged 12 – 14 Living under the heat of the same sun, Raised under different circumstances Having encountered multiple losses, Accidents, illnesses, and violence. Expressing the same… Read More »Our dreams will never die

Just a Dream

by Rana Fayouma Age 11 – 14 I am wandering from one place to another I am travelling from one country to another, I am strolling around, I am enjoying a job like no other… Read More »Just a Dream