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Our dreams will never die

Written by young people at Island Hospice Zimbabwe aged 12 – 14

Living under the heat of the same sun,
Raised under different circumstances
Having encountered multiple losses,
Accidents, illnesses, and violence.

Expressing the same emotions,
Having similar surroundings,
Buildings, vegetation, people,
We all have similar and different dreams to work on.

Dreams of a career, want to be a doctor or a pilot?
Being the best footballer in your country?
Want to run your own companies?
Whatever we want to be, that’s our dream.

No matter how many losses, our dreams will not die,
Parents have died, years have gone by,
But their memories remain alive in our hearts,
And give us the strength and hope for tomorrow.

We forever cherish the short life we shared,
Periods and seasons of pain might come,
Painful feelings and emotions might be triggered,
But our dreams live on.

Come what may, our dreams will never die,
No matter what might happen,
We shall pursue our dreams,
Our dreams, our dreams, our dreams.