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Fear is… by Elsie Bright

A tiny, scared girl, Who hides whenever shadows loom. Sneaks through alleyways not to be seen, Sits alone away from you and me, And doesn’t trust anyone.

Fear by Toby

Fear is your first time going to school Fear is a nightmare Fear is in a dark alley Fear is in a shop by yourself Fear is doing something for the first time Fear is… Read More »Fear by Toby

Fear is… by Seran

A thin little seven year old spirits Wearing a knee long grey dress With short mouse brown hair in a side parting with one clip in And big brown eyes Who hides under the covers… Read More »Fear is… by Seran

Fear Is… by Elsie Bright

a tiny scared girl who hides whenever shadows loom sneaks through alley-ways not to be seen, sits alone away from you and me and doesn’t trust anyone.

The Bird

By: Harry Seath There was a bird white with fear It could not fly in the sky, oh dear. It’s colour and size Were majestic to the eyes If only the bird was not so… Read More »The Bird