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The Unknown Emotional Abyss by Tatenda Siyachitema

I hate how it commands me,

I hate how it surrounds me,

These thoughts kill me,

They are a cloud around me.

Sadly this cloud Is comfortable.

It comforts me.

It knows me from inside out.

I hate it, it’s face a spitting image of my insecurities.

I am human.

The light that shines from within, is a dark light,

Red with blood but not of the dead,

It warns you, it’s afraid, the mere thought of someone hurting you scares it.

But I shall not hurt you.

I am what you think I’m not but not what you think I am.

My Aura gives off what you think I am, but not what I truly am,

I am an image of your imagination, an imagination run wild, not realising it is lost.

I guess you misjudged me, but I shall not leave,

I stand for what you stand for and will not move.

My presence is felt but doubted,

Hidden in plain sight,

I am what I am.