Lessons From The Sun by Lundi Moyo

The sun is proof that everything is most beautiful

At the beginning and the close;

Sunsets prove that the end isn’t always ugly,

Even though afterwards, there is only darkness.

Sunsets show us is that everything is most beautiful

When it’s about to go into oblivion,

How you appreciate something most

When you know it’s about to die,

It’s similar with humans.

The calls and the condolences,

One can live one’s whole life but is only cared about most

When the heart stops beating,

In the same way everyone remembers the sun

When it stops shining.

That’s when we all recall our memories, get high from nostalgia,

Addicted to the good old days,

When things were simple,

We were younger and free,

And alive


The sun tells that one end means a new beginning,

As the sun sets, on the other side it rises.

But does it not leave us in the darkness, for too long, sometimes?

Do we not feel forgotten, as we crave the attention of its rays?

Yet, at the same time, too much attention can become hazardous.


It’s actually quite funny

The sun has the power to ameliorate or deteriorate any situation,

It can ensure growth of crops and warmth of all animals;

But too much of it will destroy crops and ultimately kill animals,

That’s how relationships work.