The Stars Among Us by Tasimba D. Saidi

Would you believe me if I told you that the human soul is made of the same stuff as stars?

Before you write it off, take a second to think about the depth of this:

We are each born with a fire, burning wildly inside of us,

Sustained by the elements of the emotions we feel.

Each of us is a shining light unto ourselves,

From the smallest White Dwarf to the biggest Red Giant,

From the ones that twinkle shyly to the ones that rage, defiant,

We all contain happiness and sadness, little hints of carbon,

And flare that fills us up, from the top of our bodies, to the bottom.


If we were to stare at this planet from space, perceive every human soul,

What do you think we’d see?

I’m thinking it would be stars, numerous enough to form a sea.

Right here, on earth, with the people that you love, value and treasure,

We make up the most beautiful galaxy in this universe,

Miraculous beyond measure.


Tasimba D. Saidi

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